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Propecia is a medication that effectively reduces the incidence of male pattern baldness in older adult males, and it has severely restricted the spread of baldness on menís heads in controlled studies. Propeciaís technical statistics should be looked at if youíre thinking of ordering the product. They are listed herein for your benefit. The technical chemical name for the active component in the marketed drug, Propecia, is Finasteride. This is the chemical that stops DHT from causing male pattern baldness.

Once DHT is out of the picture, it represents one key loss in the fight against you growing hair. In older men, DHT production increases, and this chemical gets out of control causing hair loss. Propecia is a prescription-only drug that only works in men for male pattern baldness caused by DHT. It does not work in women, young men, children, or those with baldness as a result of other conditions. Neither does it stop a receding hairline from waning away at the precious hairline in the front and sides of your head. The pill specifically interacts with the vertex and mid-scalp area on the scalp because that is the area accurately affected by DHT. It also has some interesting side effects on the prostate, improving its health. This is of note because prostate problems are common in older men. Any boon to the prostate is just another reason to take Propecia.

Before and after photos of Propecia users show significant results, and controlled studies have pinpointed Propecia as a strong adjunct to male pattern baldness treatments that include laser treatments, hair transplants, and creams. However, Propecia can work as a standalone therapy, and it doesnít need to be tried in conjunction with other male pattern baldness medications to be effective. There were some sexual side effects reported, but these were rare. It is safer and easier to take just one oral tablet per day of Propecia than to waste your time on more aggressive, unfriendly, and prohibitive treatments.